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  1. ⒽⒾⓃⒶⓉⒶ👧🏻🐰

    ك ابتسامة جيهوب مريحه🥺💞

  2. Min Ann

    she's very beautiful and charming

  3. Koushik Manna

    Ssr ko to skerts cheser bulaya gaya tha .ache actor sab bura or yeh bare star dudh k dhule..jo like te unko jail mein dalo

  4. sansuma narzary

    Mom and son relationship not interested 🤣

  5. Hemant Rai

    Can we have next interview of blackpink

  6. Miss Jasmine

    Wow our favorite parica is no. 1&2 wow congregation parica🙌🙌🙌we hope we will see u both together in another show very soon😍😍😍

  7. Jungsoonie

    So now zoom must change the title of the video as THE BEST BTS INTERVIEW till now until another interview of sakshma di aires

  8. Dilara Mohamed

    Why did I cry when RM "said it's never been easy" 🥺

  9. Very Beautiful😍

    Beautiful Katrina

  10. Faty Bou


  11. Saqib ali Khan

    Lanat salim par Allah ko sab pata hai q k ho hi sab karta hai

  12. Mayu

    It was the best interview I watched till now..all the questions are so good and well said..she did a great job 👏👏

  13. New Apple

    Wah Wah ... Well ma’am what you are saying is whenever you want you will fulfill your sexual needs with Avinash without marrying him. Avinash babu Manisha is your life spoiler. She just need u in the bed.. Ppl who are supporting Manisha please think once that if someone from your family member takes this kind of step by abusing this society n keeping family’s reputation at stake. First of all she did love marriage and what ever she is doing it will spoil her in-laws reputation. Ask Manish if her mother does the same thing will she support her. This lady is selfish& she want to fulfill her desires.Avinash is saying I want to marry you and she is saying what ever we are can’t we do this life long with marrying. Ma’am you have a kid what about Avinash’s future .?? What about his Family.??

  14. SALMA Jhope and suga

    They didn’t say Afghanistan army :(((

  15. HolyChimChim

    I want a 2 hour long interview and it would probably still feel like 10 minutes. she is so respectful and actually did her research. thank you so much for asking these great questions <3

  16. Oluchi Nze

    Awwwn🥺🥺 I really love this interview ❤️❤️

  17. naga veni

    I think these guys r inspiration to everyone & up coming generation bcs lot of new generation kids keeps watching k pop & k drama. The way she asked questions was pretty polite & decent these tips will helps lot of singers. All kpop met on BTS Flatform when they was 18 yr old, they work very hard soo far & now here they r very appreciable k pop in world 😍 may God bless them with more more success All the best k pop idols 😘 Finally V this for u ❤

  18. Robson Rafid

    Kartik aaryan👑❤💘

  19. BholeNath

    Pta nhi bhai ya mein unpad hun... Ya tum logo ka hi मानसिक संतुलन hil chuka hai. Mujhe to kisi bhi angle se ye stars nhi lagte hai.

  20. BholeNath

    Best moment, loved it 39:53

  21. Jamaima Rila

    Suga barely said anything

  22. Minza Shah

    Garima good life 🔥❤️

  23. Jamaima Rila

    Me looking at Joonie being so fluent in English 🥰😍😍😍

  24. Abdullah Mahmood

    Bollywood was and now is more useless scripts.

  25. Chaubuca-27 Alvarez

    Son buenos actores Sharukan Jakol y Ajay soy de Perú por favor en español sus entrevistas para entender soy fanatica de las peliculas yndus

  26. Frozen Queen

    Was I was the only one who was blushing during the whole interview🤭🤭... But we have to say she is amazingly beautiful nd gorgeous😍✨

  27. Shekhar Yadav


  28. ༺Zulma VP KYA army Tokki 다시 enege〕

    Army mood: ed sheeran ♡.♡

  29. Vijay Chand Sharma

    Kangana Ranaut seriously need a medical treatment

  30. kiran niks

    She was happy and confident then he started controlling her and all her day was spoiled. While the dress remained the same. Nice and pretty as it was supposed to be.

  31. Raju Ahmed

    Kareena ko hi le lo Dekhna cahthi ho bo kasa karti hain

  32. Freddie Mercury Bulsara

    Vijay Deverakonda 🌟 SRK

  33. A.K Mobile

    allah pak dilip sir ka lambi zindgi or sehat dy aameeeen

  34. longest yukhei

    not an army but this has to be the best interview with a kpop idol ❤️❤️

  35. Rafa sheikh


  36. Jyoti Pandey

    LET'S BE HONEST The most intellectual questions The most intellectual answers the most sophisticated and mature inteviewer Together makes THE BEST BTS INTERVIEW EVER💯💯

  37. S L

    The Twitter and tiktok did this bad...but it was amazing interview di

  38. RG GAMER

    Ye cartton dekh bachpan yadd agaya i love u hanumanji mere jaan meri dil mera sab kuch mere bajrangbali h jay shree ram jay shree bajrangbali

  39. Sefali R

    Namjoon caught my eye when I first saw BTS..his voice, personality, humbleness, IQ , n his uniqueness( being clumsy ) made me an ARMY (RM)... he will be my fav forever

  40. Ganesh Pradhan

    Love you Hrithik ❤

  41. Ganesh Pradhan

    Most humble person

  42. mr. rai

    please black pink please

  43. Sharanya Sinha

    For a kpop and kdrama lover, this video, but more than that, the COMMENT SECTION, is gold. 😂❤️

  44. Meghna Chaturvedi

    Stray kids now plz

  45. Meghna Chaturvedi

    Loved it

  46. Sheshesh Trivedi

    Saleem hai to salmaan hai

  47. Hetashri Vardelly

    Did anyone notice V saying dil mein mere ?

    1. Pranali Lokhande

      Yeah that's so sweet

  48. Anushka Bhopi

    They are so amazing and I loved her she did an amazing job😍❤.. 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 for life they are gentle man❤😍😭.. Love from India 🇮🇳... Love you 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜


    Good actor chunky ji

  50. Neha Bhagora


  51. Monika G

    Love this interview, plus the awkwardness in between the translations were too funny and cute😆😂

  52. Divya Nesana

    Record of youth is not that nice.

  53. 7 Angels

    Best leader in the world 😭💜

  54. 199 Anupriya Sharma

    This interview was so beautiful. My love and respect for BTS is neverending 💜


    Sk is a king

  56. Shraddha Salvi


  57. Rajeev

    Love from India BTS❤️

  58. Orpita Banik

    It's like adding decoration in delicious food 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 that's so cool answer ..... Can u guys here me ? I'm from Bangladesh , love all of u ... ANd v ..u r my best friend ....💜

  59. Neel Mistry

    🔥 Justice for SSR

  60. Anjali Sinha

    Kareena is ryt that its every girl’s dream to be fit...infact,its everyone’s dream to be fit(males n females included)...however it requires a lot of dedication,except for if u don’t have a medical condition where u hv a slow metabolism or any grave disease

  61. Neel Mistry

    Justice for SSR

  62. Ananda Mali


  63. Shraddha Salvi


  64. tt jj

    Woo I can't believe this. They are. looking so normal 🤔

  65. мσηıkα мєєηα

    He is not only an anglophile, intelligent guy, good-looking man, nice voice singer, great rapper, best leader but also an inspirational speaker who everyone needs in their life. 💜 Kim Namjoon💜

  66. Samiksha Singh

    This was such an amazing interview. It had me captivated till the end the questions were also very good

  67. Muhammad Yousuf

    RM is my olwayz fav......

  68. Parveen Sharma

    Ssr ❤️❤️❤️

  69. Arifa Khatun

    where is hina khan?

  70. Abhijeet

    It's really

  71. Abhijeet

    Archita my sister

  72. Sonu mudhiraj

    Aditya Roy shraddha lovely couples

  73. Aftab Hussain

    I never liked amitabh and after watching the video of kadar khan sir I am right amitabh is ungrateful , character less and selfish man of industry he should be shame on himself for what he had done with kadar khan sir.....


    King of bollywood srk

  75. soumili bose

    Damn the questions are so different and amazing!! I mean she did research and asked each and everyone a personal question that we do want to know instead of knowing if they wanna ‘ hook up’ with the fans 👏🏻👏🏻

  76. Arifa Khatun

    omg where is hina khan

  77. Princess Izra

    I really satisfied with the interview.. everyone is participated and having fun... good question not cringey...

  78. Deep Patel

    Lauda mera better actor😂

  79. Meghna

    Behind the scenes of this interview.... please 🙏🤗