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  1. Dean

    Bros and sistahs. It would be so cool if you we could play multiplayer with half the map in zero gravity in a map like in a space ship or something

  2. max mustermann

    the rainbow six april fools event ... now that's visibility

  3. Egan

    It’s annoying that everything for customization is battle pass or bought from a store. Not much is earned anymore and that sucks.

  4. American Viking

    Looks like you can finally pilot Pelicans!

  5. IronMax418

    Not sure if I should get a Ps5 or Series X when they are released because of exclusives 🤔

  6. Zenex

    What mode is this i only can find when you fight for the middle points or one defend and attack.

  7. Colin B


  8. Lewis Hague

    Man this looks like something made from the early PS4 era...

    1. Turnt Toaster

      Compared to what we were shown last time I’m very content with this lol

  9. ErrorBz

    Let us all take a moment to appreciate the fact that currently more AAA games are becoming free to play (halo, warzone and etc) VS the past where games had less content and DLCs everywhere

  10. Chocolate Giddyup

    007 Agent Under Fire was doing FPS grappling hooks before it was cool.

  11. DBearIt

    This and bf2042 is Wht I am looking most for!! Bringing back those memories when I was younger!

  12. RoyzaGaming

    As soon as the Hayabusa armour set is available 💥💥💳💥💥💥💳💥💥💥💥💳

  13. Alfredo

    No thanks, I already have L4D2 and R6S. This offers nothing new.

  14. Second Cumming

    Battlefield + Halo this year is going to be so much fun

  15. HomelessLemur

    im so hyped!!

  16. Kermit the frog Sings

    The game looks amazing only people hating on it are sony ponys

  17. StevyBaby

    OMG! I hope there is Hard Core!

  18. Benjamin Johnson

    I'm beyond hyped to play this game and even more to see it on your channel! The Microsoft conference was a solid 9/10 imo. They showed that there is a lot to be excited for in the future and it feels good to feel that again.

  19. ChazzyBoi_777

    >Cosmetics >Battlepass Yeah, I remember just paying for new content and being happy, not one idiotic skin in sight. Less so for Halo, more for Battlefield and CoD.

  20. I.L.L.U.S.I.O.N.S

    vive Halo

  21. Bane

    If you want more players in big team battle go play bf6 or whatever the fuck its called

  22. Peter Silie

    sounds rly good :)

  23. Ninety Ten

    it looks like an extension of classic halo instead of trying to be something else :,) it’s beautiful

  24. dustblowingman

    Your VO is way too bass heavy

  25. TheFatAssCat

    I think I'm more excited about to return to form from Halo than Battlefield. But we shall see who delivers.

  26. Aaron Jones

    As long as swat comes back I'll be a happy man

  27. Bane

    "Free to play" just means there will be more kids playing the game, a part of the community i dont care about and would love for this game to be a 60€ release cuz that will also make it harder for them to put mtx later on in the game

    1. Lazerfaced

      LMAO every full price game had microtransactions now. What planet are you living on?

  28. Ramiro Cardona

    Remember guys, these maps will be full of 128 players . FPS will be amazing and we’ll be experiencing a much larger scaled war. Have faith that this game will be good


    So what can we say about the guns?

  30. 80s Baby

    Definintely playing with crossplay off other than that should be hella fun

  31. Matthew Earl

    I'm so fucking ready. Im glad we had Halo 5 so we can appreciate a great Halo game l

  32. I S

    Torn with grappling hook.. just looks like it might be cheap

  33. Schaberkack

    CTF !! YES !!

  34. batmayn

    oh yaaaasss

  35. Chris Heryla

    I think I’m actually done with cod haha With this and battlefield, there’s literally no time for the other bs game

  36. Nick Garlick

    That battle pass system is awesome

  37. Shawn Michael

    1:27 dunno how he managed to stay alive

  38. DBAP529

    My bf3 maps are caspian gulf of Oman op firestorm and metro

  39. Henry Parker

    Looks great, EXCEPT the flat yellow shield break animation. Needs a bit of depth to it I think.

  40. TimTimmyRensRennie

    It really is the height of gaming now. Free downloads for all.

  41. BloodyPurge

    Finally? Bro you just got halo on pc

  42. Jeremiah Rucker

    Lordy this is beautiful

  43. Daniel Silva

    Best gaming year for me, battlefield and halo is what i need. :)

  44. Christopher2c14

    just please anything come out im sooooooooooooooooooo over WZ

  45. ElvenMan

    I wasn't too much interested in this, until i heard F2P multiplayer! Guaranteed massive player numbers, which is really good!

  46. Jim Dearman

    Well this and BF confirms I will be upgrading to a new PC

  47. moved flame157

    We get the bionic arm back he’ll yeah

  48. Gustavo

    Jack is there a battle royale mode in halo?

  49. IKEA Coffee Table

    No seige of Shanghai?????

  50. Biro-Szokolovszki Alpar

    nade spamming on metro was always epic. and yeah, base jumping from damavand peak. Wake Island on BF2142 was pretty nice, rushing in with the walkers.

  51. B S

    People are gonna be playing this shit big time. I’m hype for this and battlefield, always loved Halo, first game I ever played.

  52. p0tat0stix

    Is it just me or does this just look like every other Halo ever?

  53. Chief

    I'd love to see some videos on Infinite MP gameplay in the future!

  54. Jeremiah Biggs

    Xbox and Nintendo our best friends

  55. TheFly212

    Free to play is garbage. So proud of DICE to make a dedicated only multiplayer game, and make it truly quality and pushing the limites of whats possible with tech. Now, that all comes with a price. And I'm fine with it. Already preordered the ultimate edition of BF2042. Hahahaha. See your scrubs in the early beta. I'm gonna wreck you hard. Cheers.

  56. Mr Jhon

    Just Jack acting.

  57. SMAJin

    4:26 Game journalist spotted Also, Halo or BF2042. I don't know which to get on PC.

  58. VonMakaron

    Doesnt look next gen :/

  59. TracerHD

    This is one of the biggest cod modern warfare ripoffs ive ever seen XD Looking like the worst bf yet.

  60. Mitke 420

    Hey modern warfare time to retire

  61. Sabian

    How come some points have a number next to them? Like C1 or C2

  62. Ricardo Solis Viruete

    very nice video, im downloading bf3 right now, bf 5 is such a disaapoiiment

  63. chakotay4040

    Free to play = hackers galour

  64. I'm A oc

    With the tumbnail i thought it was an Unturned video.

  65. Tombo Jones

    Honestly they need to give some armor to the OG’s who have been around forever. I feel like If you unlocked recon in halo 3 you should be the only person with it still hahaha

  66. Jashan Sandhu

    Crossplay means it’ll be on ps5 too right ? 🙁 right ??😞

  67. Duncan De hulst

    Noshar canals? Team deathmatch?

  68. nonnygb

    This is the ultimate Xbox Game Pass lure... Make it accessible, make it free, don't nickle and dime the players and make it sing on all platforms with features that are important. Besides that it actually looks like an absolute return to form for the series and all we really need at launch is Arena and BTB, hopefully we might see even larger scale modes later on.

  69. Jason Villasenor

    I'm hyped. I haven't been this hyped for a halo game in years.


    Jack: can we just take a moment*inhumane screams in the background*

  71. Hi Tech Hero

    The permanent Battle Pass is already in use in the Halo Master Chief Collection, in case anyone wants to check it out now. Great feature that more games need to copy, and I’m glad they’re carrying it over to Halo Infinite!

  72. purple urkle 2


  73. Board dude

    Shall we talk about bots 🤔 I'm not a fan of shooting bots.

  74. AKT0B0S

    I’ll play the multi but in my book the campaign ended with Halo 3 (and Reach obv)

  75. calibomber209

    might get halo for pc but for sure bf2042

  76. Ekrem Cakir

    Aslong as they are going to be putting in hayabusa armor I’m in….

  77. Laughter Keef

    Guys, can u ping in halo?

  78. MickeyD Wade

    if there’s cross play does that mean kbm on console??

  79. Andrey Hall

    big fan jackfrags the SNIPER ELITE